Talent Influence is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to extend your visibility on social networks for free and without subscription by connecting you to the largest community of Models, Actors and Actresses in Hong Kong.

We organically generates traffic to your Local Business over time via our members' social networks (Top Models, Famous Actors and Actresses) rather than you spending money on paid advertising.

Boost Your Brand

When our Talent Influence members post and share on their social networks their experiences in your local business, they motivate their followers and you have access to more potential clients.

Save Time & Money

Once you have set the terms of your offer to our members, everything else is automatic.

You can focus on your main business while our members' posts on social media generate traffic for you.
Stop wasting your money on algorithmic advertising and go Organic!

Increase Your Income

Reach a loyal and growing audience of followers looking for your booming good or service!

Track your success with daily analysis reports showing your growing visibility and awareness in Hong Kong.

We take the responsibility to check and confirm that each exchange has been correctly carried out according to the Guidelines imposed on our members.

Make Your Offer

Create your weekly recurring offer that best suits your marketing strategy:

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• Exchange details (Example: 1 Instagram Post in exchange for the offer)
• Offer Availability: Days and hours of the week
• Restriction of the maximum number of members who can access your offer per week

Our Partners 

Uluru HK

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Jin Ya Ju HK

  • Instagram Jin Ya Ju Noodle Bar



La Moo Moo's Steak & Fries

  • Instagram Katya S.



Stella Lee

Yoga Teacher

  • Instagram Katya S.


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