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APM Monaco - Tribal Straps Choker

APM Monaco - Tribal Straps Choker

Collection: MANA

Type: Choker

Specification: Tribal Style

Material: Sterling Silver, Zirconia

Material Color: Gold Tone, White, Green, Burgundy, Dark Blue


Silver Weight: 26.513g


Gold Version:

1 White Plastic Ring 4.5x2.9x0.5mm: 0.041g

38925 Belcher Chain 0.4x1.3mm: 1.313g

13 White Cubic Zirconia Round 1.25mm (Micro Wax): 0.208Cts

105 Red Nano (#7) Round 1.25mm (Micro Wax): 1.155Cts

92 Blue Nano Round 1.25mm (Micro Wax): 0.828Cts

108 Green Nano Round 1.25mm (Micro Wax): 0.972Cts

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