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Talent Influence - Baseball Cap - Don't Tell My Booker

Talent Influence - Baseball Cap - Don't Tell My Booker

Type of Cap: Structured Baseball Cap

Material: 100% Cotton
Pattern: Embroidered

Colour: 100% Pure White

Hat Circumference: 58-60cm

Front View: Personalised embroidered sentence ''Don't Tell My Booker''.

Length: 7cm
Back View: Embroidered logo "Talent Influence".

Height: 2cm


Black Embroidery: 100% Pure Black
Gold Embroidery: Pantone 8383C

  • Cap Care Instructions

    Wash your Baseball Cap with your hands only.

    Soak your cap in warm water and scrub it gently with soapy water (detergent, dishwashing liquid or soap). You can use a brush to scrub the dirtiest areas. Rinse with clean water and wipe with a terry cloth.

    To clean the inner band, use a slightly damp cloth dampened with soapy water and rub gently to remove perspiration.

    Never put your cap in the dryer, it could shrink. Always let it air dry.

Color: White
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